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Our Story

Precise Petcare was co-created by a pet sitting business owner and a web developer to combine a perfect blend of knowledge and talents specifically for this industry. Adam and Lynn Smith, the co-creators of Precise Petcare, understand first-hand what your needs are as a pet sitting business owner. We have built each aspect of the software and continuously update and improve our system – without having to rely on outside talents to delay the process!

Adam Smith is a freelance web designer and developer with over 9 years of experience in building dynamic web applications. Other areas of expertise include user interface design, e-commerce, SEO, responsive web design and graphic design. In short, he makes sure everything about Precise Petcare is easy to use and looks great.

Lynn Smith owned and operated a full-service dog walking and pet care business in Portland, Maine for several years while co-creating this software. She brings specific, working knowledge of the pet care industry and understands the needs of the business owner, sitters and the clients. Lynn’s goal is to provide you with a management system that does the work for you, makes your business stand above the rest professionally and helps you effectively communicate with your clients and staff.

Precise Petcare was established in 2009 with the long-term goal of creating a system that would work well for both large and small pet sitting businesses around the world. Since 2012, when Precise Petcare was officially launched to the public, it has continued to impress pet sitting business owners across the nation and internationally with its aesthetically pleasing and easy to use online scheduling, billing and management systems.

Adam and Lynn Smith reside in the beautiful state of Maine with their two daughters, cats and two dogs, Piper and Kiba.

Before selecting PPC, I evaluated 5 other pet scheduling systems over a 6 month period. PPC offered the best balance of capabilities and customization as well as helpful Customer Service.

– Walter Gussman
Let's Have Fun Dog Care
The software is easy to use and enables you to use more detail than other software here in the UK. Clients find it easy to use as well. I used to spend hours doing my bookings and invoices, it now takes me 30 min to an hour.
– Laura Timmins
Central Barks

Precise Petcare allowed my business to grow exponentially. Not only is the system easy to use but it is constantly growing as well, so users have some input as to what features they would like to see. I appreciate that Lynn and Adam take the time to respond to our messages in a timely manner and are always courteous in their responses. I highly recommend Precise to any pet care business that is searching for a straightforward and organized system.

– Lauren Heath
Owner of Presidential Pet Care
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I have used a few different software types over the period of almost 4 years. So far, Precise Petcare is the cleanest, most visually appealing, and the most intuitive. The developers...   Read More »
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