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Client Invitations

Client Invitations provide a simple, fail-proof way for your clients to access their dashboard.  You create their Client Profile for them, then send a customizable email inviting the client to the registration page where they choose their own username and password to connect to the profile.

Client + Pet Profiles

Clients have the ability to update all information on their Client Profile at any time.  Each pet gets an individual Pet Profile where information specific to that pet can be stored.  All client and pet profile files are customizable. Plus, all profiles have the option to upload a profile picture!

Online Visit Requests/Cancellations

Efficiency is maximized when clients can Request Service or Request Cancellation themselves.  Clients can check their My Schedule page at any time for the current status of their visits, ensuring they are never left confused about whether or not a visit is scheduled.

Photos and Shareable Galleries

Everyone loves sharing photos of their pets!  We've made it easy for both you, and your clients, to view all photos in one place via the client Photos Page. From this page you or your clients can create Shareable Public Galleries with built-in options to share as branded social media content.

Branded Client Manual

We have a fully developed client manual that you can customize with your own colors, logo and company name so every piece of information put in front of your clients is presented in a professional format and represents your unique brand. The manual is automatically adjusted when some settings are changed so it will never include unnecessary information.

Satisfied Customers

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