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Pet Care Journals

Client's are never left in the dark regarding their pet's care!  Your sitters send a complete rundown of their visits with notes and photos (what they send is customizable). Visit Photos are a client favorite!  Who doesn't love photos of their pets?

Service Confirmations

Always keep clients up to date on their visits - without their needing to login - by letting the system send out Automatic Email Confirmations (or send them manually on demand). Less confusion = less time wasted.

Dashboard Communication Center

The Communication Center panel details communications sent between your client and staff in a “snapshot” on your dashboard so you can easily see the most pertinent comments for each client.  Closing the view of a client's communication will remove them from your panel until a new communication occurs - ensuring messages are never missed.

Client Timeline

It's important that clients have a streamlined way to view their time-sensitive information. The Client Timeline on their dashboard provides a chronological rundown of Pet Care Journals and Invoices so clients have a quick view of their communication, photos and transactions.

Satisfied Customers

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