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Sitter Accountability

From within your main dashboard the Live Sitter Map allows you to view the last recorded location of each sitter. You'll see a labeled pin box over each sitter's location with more details, such as visit status and duration, available by clicking on the box. 

Late Arrival Alerts

We realize how important it is to know if a sitter is late for a visit (or if they don't arrive at all!). To automate the process of finding out as early as possible we have Late Arrival Alerts that are triggered when a sitter hasn't arrived on-time. 

Automated Scheduling

It's very common for busy pet owners to get on a set schedule with their sitters. Don't let time go to waste when your staff are manually scheduling these visits. Our Ongoing Schedule Lookahead option allows the scheduling of recurring visits to be fully automated. 

Sitter Availability + Overbooked Conflicts

In addition to showing Time Off Conflicts, our system will calculate Overbooking Conflicts based on the Expected Length set for each service and notify you when a conflict is present.

iCal Feeds

For anyone whose life revolves around a single calendar we offer iCal Feeds for any schedule in the system. That means staff and clients can view their schedules from Google Calendar, Mac Calendar, Outlook and any other calendar app!

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