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New Features: Clients can Request changes to visits, Client Interface updates and Client Communication Preferences

Oct 13, 2021   Adam   Feature Updates

Improving the client experience is the goal of today's updates. By allowing them to request changes to visits it will make the process of changing already-assigned visits much easier. The streamlined My Schedule interface and grouped profile fields reduce the clutter and scrolling when they are performing common tasks. And last but not least, the communication preferences will allow them to opt out of receiving emails they don't want.

We've added labels to each feature:

  • EVERYONE means that this is a feature that will immediately apply to your site or is available to use
  • OPTIONAL means it is a feature which you need to turn on to use (either in the settings or single use on a particular page)

Clients can Request changes to visits

EVERYONE - Clients can already edit or delete visits that are still in the "Requested" status. This new functionality will give them the ability to request changes to any other upcoming visit.

  • Clients can request changes by selecting visits and using the "Change" button on their My Schedule page
  • When they request changes management will receive an email detailing the request and will see an in-system notification of the request
  • You can use the "Approve Change" button (individually or in Bulk) to approve and apply the client's changes from the Master Schedule or use the "Decline Change" button (individually only) to ignore the request
  • If you single edit a visit you can selectively Approve and Decline each change to the visit before saving
  • When changes are approved the assigned sitter(s) will get notified of the changes immediately and the visit will go back in the queue to send the client a Confirmation email

Client My Schedule Updates

EVERYONE - In order to make scheduling simpler for clients we have streamlined their My Schedule interface - clarifying things, removing redundant options, etc. Today's update includes the following:

  • We have updated the scheduling options and flow when clients are requesting new visits. The purpose of this is to present more familiar choices to someone not already used to the system and prevent scheduling confusion.
  • Clients can only use calendar view on their My Schedule page, which allows for a more consistent experience
  • Single-visit action buttons have been removed
  • The checkboxes for bulk actions have been made much easier to see, occupying a vertical bar on the left side of every visit
  • The "Delete" button (used only for Requested visits) has been removed so there is now only a "Cancel" button. If a client cancels a visit in the Requested status it will be deleted as before, but the client won't have to determine the difference between "Delete" and "Cancel"
  • The "Addon" action button has been removed as that can now be accomplished using the Bulk Edit
  • With the removal of 2 buttons the action buttons can now fit individually in the bulk bar (instead of being hidden in the "Actions" button menu)
  • Watch the video walkthrough of Client My Schedule Updates (including how clients Request Changes to visits) here

Stepped Information Gathering

EVERYONE - When clients are filling out their My Info and My Pets the fields are grouped together (with groups not being filled out collapsed) and they use the "Next" button to move between groups. This allows for clients to step through adding their information without getting overwhelmed with too many questions at once. Watch the video walkthrough of Stepped Information Gathering here.

Client Communication Preferences

EVERYONE - In order to help prevent system emails from being marked as spam and give recipients the ability to opt out of receiving certain types of emails, we have added Communication Preferences, which can be found under each Client Profile.

Clients can choose the specific "Topics" of emails that they want to receive from you, including Scheduling Confirmations, Pet Care Journals & Comments, Weather & Safety and Marketing (the default is that they will receive all Topics). Clients can update their Communication Preferences in the following ways:

  • By updating their My Info page
  • By clicking on the "Communication Preferences" link at the bottom of emails which have been assigned a Topic (where they can make changes to their preferences without needing to login)
  • By clicking on the "Unsubscribe" which is presented by their email app/service (how this works depends on the app/service)

Other notes:

  • Invoicing emails cannot be opted out of 
  • Clients will always receive direct Messages and emails triggered by manual actions (they can only opt out of bulk Messages and automated emails)
  • When composing a Message to multiple clients you will need to choose a Topic
  • If you use SMS there are separate Topics for both Email and SMS

Additional Updates

  • EVERYONE - The same new scheduling options which clients now use when requesting visits have been added to the Master Schedule when visits are added
  • EVERYONE - There are now separate "Deceased" and "Inactive" statuses for Pet Profiles. If either one is selected the pet would be hidden from the client's view. Clients can now either choose "Deceased" or "Inactive" for a pet from their My Pets page.
  • EVERYONE - An in-system notification has been added telling your how many new client Prospects you have in the last week
  • OPTIONAL - If you have sitters enter their "Available" time that will now show on the Master Schedule in the "Time Off/On"
  • EVERYONE - Clients now have separate "Upcoming Services" and "Past Services" Dashboard panels (in place of a single "Current Services" panel)

Satisfied Customers

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