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New Features: Sitters can Message their clients, Registration Zip Code Check and more

Jul 7, 2022   Adam   Feature Updates

We hope that everyone is enjoying their summer thus far! Today we have a number of new features that are being released. We've added labels to each feature:

  • EVERYONE means that this is a feature that will immediately apply to your site or is available to use
  • OPTIONAL means it is a feature which you need to turn on to use (either in the settings or single use on a particular page)

Sitters can Message their clients

OPTIONAL Sitters can now send Messages to the clients which they already have permission to see. This will allow them to communicate with clients prior to completing a journal on one of their visits. As with journals, all Messages between sitters and clients are also CC'd to Management. This functionality is only possible if you have Clients can see Sitters set to "On" in the Site Options. Click here to watch the video on how it works.

Registration Zip Code Check

EVERYONE - You can now prevent clients outside your service area from creating accounts. This is done by adding zip codes at Site Options > Clients > Allowed Zip Codes. Doing so will add a Zip Code field to the Registration page and show an error message if the zip code entered does not match one of your configured Allowed Zip Codes. Clients who have received an Invitation are not required to provide their zip code.

Drag and Drop Assigning of Visits

EVERYONE - This is done using the "Sitter Day" view on the Master Schedule. Once you are in that view simply drag a visit from one sitter's row to another sitter's row. In doing so the system will perform an "Assign" action on the visit as if you had used that button. The only limitation is that you can only drag to sitters that have already been assigned at least 1 visit that day so you would need to use the "Assign" action on a sitter's first visit for them to appear as a drag option. Click here to watch the video on how it works.

Management Cancellation Choices & Cancellation Reason Requirements

OPTIONAL - You can configure which choices managers are shown when canceling visits at Site Options > Clients > Management Cancellation Choices. Once configured, you will see the new choices and wording when using the "Cancel" button.

Additionally, you can use the Cancellation Reason Requirements to require clients and/or managers to provide a reason when canceling (which will be added to the visit notes).

Additional Updates

  • EVERYONE - The new Scheduling > Journals page allows you to see all Pet Care Journals in one place
  • EVERYONE - We have updated the "Weather & Safety" Communication Preference Topic to instead be called "Important Business Updates"
  • EVERYONE - When using the "Cancel" button you can now have the system send the Cancellation Confirmation email immediately (instead of needing to perform another step to confirm manually)
  • EVERYONE - You can now view all Transactions which have not been fully applied using the Billing > Transactions > Unapplied page (this page does not include unapplied Credits)
  • OPTIONAL - Prevent specific surcharges from being tipped on by setting Include in percent-based Tip Calculations to "No" on the Petcare > Services & Times > Surcharges page
  • EVERYONE - Office Notes from the client's profile will appear at the top when in the Schedule tab of their profile
  • OPTIONAL - If you have Require Credit Cards set to "On" in the Billing Options you can now set Keep Credit Card on File to "Not Required" for specific clients in their profile and they will be able to request service without first entering their card

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