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New Features: "On The Way" and "Service In Progress" notifications for clients, New Tags and more

Mar 1, 2023   Adam   Feature Updates

Today we're releasing some highly requested updates to the system! We've added labels to each feature:

  • EVERYONE means that this is a feature that will immediately apply to your site or is available to use
  • OPTIONAL means it is a feature which you need to turn on to use (either in the settings or single use on a particular page)

"On The Way" and "Service In Progress" notifications for clients

OPTIONAL - You can now allow clients to be notified when the sitter is on their way and/or when their visits have been started. This is configured at Communication > Communication Options > Clients. To be notified when the sitter is on their way the sitter will need to use the "On The Way" button on their My Schedule page. Notifications for visits being started are automatic. 

NOTE: for sitters to see the "On The Way" button in the app it requires app version 5.0.7 or greater.

New Tags

OPTIONAL - We have added a new round of icons that can be used as Tags.

IMPORTANT: for sitters using the app these tags will only work on version 4.1.10 and higher (released mid 2020). If an older version of the app is used it will crash when attempting to load a new tag on the My Schedule page. 

Clients can upload files

EVERYONE - Clients can now upload files on their My Info and My Pets pages. Clients can only see the files that they personally have uploaded, and CANNOT see files which have been uploaded by staff.

Additional Updates

  • OPTIONAL - If you use Visit Ratings you can now allow sitters to view their ratings by changing the setting at Site Options > Clients > Clients can Rate visits to "On (visible to Managers and Sitters)"
  • EVERYONE - The Billing > Transactions page now shows the tip amount applied to each invoice (which is automatic and proportional to how the non-tip portion of the transaction is applied)

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